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"5 July 2014, Goré, Chad: Voucher distribution for a monthly ration of food in Danamadja temporary camp to people who fled Central African Republic (CAR) to Chad since end of December 2014. NGO World Lutheran Federation (LWF) is the World Food Programme (WFP) distribution partner and traders from Goré (village 7 km from the site) provide the food that is sold on fixed prices. Danamadja counts nearly 12,000 inhabitants. It is one of two temporary camps that were built to decongest the several transit sites in the south of Chad that housed tens of thousands of people as to provide them better protection and social services. Credit: OCHA/Philippe Kropf"

Cash and Vouchers assistance (CVA) is often the best form of assistance to provide during an emergency. It maintains the dignity of the person who can thus meet his/her own needs and those of his/her family. It is more cost-efficient and has a multiplier effect on local markets. CVA should be considered as the default response option, where feasible and appropriate. All efforts must hence be made to ensure information on the feasibility and appropriateness of CVA is collected and shared at the very outset of the response.

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