02 February 2018, Kananga, Kasai, DRC - Lushie Ibete fled her village after her husband was beheaded by some armed men and women last year. She is now hosted by some extended family near Kananga, in Kasai Central. She has 5 children. Four of them are out of school as she cannot pay the registration fees. Her husband used to provide for the family. She has lost everything. The little she had - three loincloths - was looted while she was away in the fields trying to make a few hundred francs (less than a dollar) working in remote fields. They are now 18 people living in a two-room house, sleeping on the ground with the animals. She and her children are stigmatised in the community and often insulted because her children do not have a father and because she has to beg to survive. All she wishes is not to have to be begging for food or help. She wishes she could have a small shelter, see her kids go to school and have some kind of income generating activitiy to be able to provide for her family and not depend on other people's charity. Credit: OCHA/Eve Sabbagh

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